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Spanish equivalent of "really" to reduce emphasis.


In english, we can use the word "really" to reduce the emphasis or absoluteness of something. For example:

-"They didn't really need his help." [they might have only needed his help a little bit]
-"I don't really have anything planned for today." [I may only have something insignificant planned]

Is there an equivalent word in Spanish? What would be the conventional way to translate this kind of expression? For the first example, Google Translate suggests that one would say:

"Ellos realmente no necesitaba su ayuda"—but to me, this sounds like:
"They really did not need his help", which actually has the reverse effect [they definitely did not need his help].

Thank you!

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    Su ayuda en realidad no fue necesaria.
    Realmente no necesitan de su ayuda.

    En realidad no tengo nada planeado para hoy.
    Realmente no tengo planes para hoy.

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