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I don't understand 줄은 in 나는 이렇게 늦은 줄은 몰랐다


나는 이렇게 늦은 줄은 몰랐다
I didn't realize it was so late.

몰랐다 = I didn't know
이렇게 = so/this
늦은 = adjective from of 늦다, to be late

But what is 줄은? Is it from the verb 줄다, to decrease? What is its meaning in this sentence?


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    줄다 (to decrease/to go down) is different from ~줄(은).
    ~줄 can be with verb/adv/adj and make the word(verb/adv/adj) noun meaning 'a certain way to do or think that way' or the fact itself
    ~줄 can be with ㄴ/ㄹ only. so, ~ㄴ줄/~ㄹ줄.
    It acts like 'to-infinitive in English I suppose.
    간 줄 알았다. I think you went out.
    so, 늦은 줄 can be 'to be late' or 'the fact it was late'

    the answer is very simple. 줄 itself is a type of noun so of course a noun can take a topic marker
    after it.

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