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I want to download Korean keyboard for my laptop
plzz help?

I have (windows 7) FUJITSU.

For learning: Korean
Base language: English
Category: Language



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    If you have Windows 7, just go to Control Panel > Clock Language > Region and Language > Keyboards and Languages > General.
    Click on " Add..." button.
    Select " Korean. Keyboard. Microsoft IME.
    Click on "Apply" button. The " Ok " .
    At the bottom of your screen on the right you will see EN if you have English as your base language on your computer. Click on it and you can choose " KO. Korean (Korea) " .
    Now it changes to KO, a picture of the earth, a capital A, and a character.
    When you are ready to type in a box (such as the one I am typing in right now) if you click the " ALT" key on the RIGHT side of your keyboard, it will change it to Korean Keyboard. You will see the captial A that was on the bottom of your screen turn to a Korean character ( 가 ) . By hitting the RIGHT side ALT button again, it will change it back to English.

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