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A question to people who are in Guangzhou (China)

I am interested in studying there, in Guangzhou

I have three options, where do you think it is better to go to study??
I need pieces of advice, from you.

❋ 3 options:

☛ Sun Yat-sen university

☛ Jinan

☛ GUFS Guandong university of foreign studies


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    I do not live in Guangzhou, but I've lived several years in China... And the only university I've heard about of those three is the Sun Yat-sen University, is it is a top university in China. Top 10 I reckon. Whereas the other two (after a little bit of Googling) are ranked much lower: Jinan, top 50; Guangzhou University of Foreign Studies, not even top 100.

    If you're free to choose, I'd go Sun Yat-sen any day of the week!

    I’m live in Fujian(China), next to Guangzhou. I recommend you Sun Yat-sen university.
    GUFS Guandong university of foreign studies is for language learners.


    I live in Guangzhou.Sun Yat-sen University is the best university in Guangzhou. of course, Sun Yat-sen University!

    Hi, I was a teacher in GZ. Sun-Yat-Sen is considered the best. GUFS is not a bad language school if you're majoring in 英文 or something.

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