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______ I like the Rolling Stones.

A. Needless saying
B. Don’t need to say
C. No need to say
D. Needless to say

Note: Out of A. and D., which is better and why? I think I’ve heard people say both before.

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    D is the best.. A doesn't sound right at all to me. In fact A sounds like unnatural English usage that I've encountered from some Chinese.


    I've never heard "needless saying" in that context before. It seems incorrect to me. It is correct to say, however, that for some people, "needless to say" is a needless saying.

    It's D. A is incorrect - you probably misheard it? No one says "needless saying" in the situation given above. You can say, however, "the former part of this dissertation is mere needless saying."

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