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what is the mean of 나보고 from this sentense

어른들은 "나보고" 속이 보이고 안 보이고 하는 보아구렁이 그림 따위는 집어치우고,

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    나보고 means 'me', 'to me' or 'for me'
    Adults told me that....
    He gave it to me.
    He cooked some nice meal for me.

    보고 means "to me" following words are all same meaning "to me"

    에게, written, formal
    한테, spoken, informal
    더러, spoken, informal
    보고, spoken, informal (used by kid)

    이웃집 순이 우리 엄마보고 할매라고 놀렸다. (from kid's song lyrics)

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