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“Which of the two boys is a boy scout?” “___ of them is.

A. All
B. None
C. Neither
D. Both

Note: Why is A. a less preferred choice than C.?

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I am sorry,
Correction: Why is B. a less preferred choice than C.?

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    "None" is the negative polar equivalent of "all", so "none is" doesn't work for the same reason that "all is" doesn't work.

    "A" is wrong because you can't say "all IS" - there is a lack of subject-verb agreement here. C is the right answer, because "neither" and "is" agree.

    For whatever reason, you can't say "none of them IS..." You have to say "none of them ARE." Ah, English.

    A is *doubly* wrong. As Brian notes, you can't say "all is" (unless you poetically mean "everything" ("Silent night, holy night. All is calm, all is bright."). But since you're talking about *two*, you can't use "all" at all anyway; you would have to say "both" for (两个)都是, and you can't say "both is", either. And that leaves you with "Neither (one) is."

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