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The reason _____ he’s late is that he had an accident.

A. why
B. that

Note: A sounds nice and natural to me, but something in the back of my mind tells me that B. is probably the intended answer. If something is wrong with A., what is it?
I know it is bad to say "The reason why is because ..."
But can I at least say "I know why you did it?"

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    Here are some ideas to share with you:

    1. Most books nowadays accept either "why" or "that."
    2. Some of our best writers use "reason why" without any problem.
    3. A few teachers -- especially in the past -- have demanded that one use "that."
    a. They have claimed that "why" is "redundant." That is, the word "why" has the idea of "reason" inside of it. So if you say "The reason why," that is something like saying, "The reason reason is ...."
    4. My advice: If you are taking a test, use "that." Then you will be sure to make everyone happy. (But when you read English, do not be surprised: "reason why" is very common and is considered to be "good" English by most experts.)

    I would say "why" because "that" doesn't sound very well to me, I'm French and I know that in this languages for this sentence i would say "why". But i may make a mistake.

    A - Why

    a causative structure based on the subject and the object, made it perfect to choose A as it explains the reason behind which he is late because he had an accident!

    Personally, I'd say "The reason he's late..." without "why" or "that". Out of the two I'd go with "why" but I think you could use either and nobody would think anything of it.

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