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how I will learn Indonesian language :( ı need help please ...

ı want to learn Indonesian language but ı don not know how I will start it . so I need help but there is not any teacher of this language . if an Indonesian can help to me ı can accept everyone :(

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    hello ;)
    im from indonesia ...maybe i can help u for learn indonesian languange ...
    where are you come from my friend ?

    My name is Ade Perdhana. I'm Indonesian. Maybe i can doing something for you. Dont worry to ask me if you want :D
    Thank you.

    i am indonesian, i can help you too, :-)

    Hello! You can start with introduction in Indonesian.
    For example :
    Hello! My name is Nil, and i'm from Turkey!
    *Halo! Nama saya adalah Nil, dan saya berasal dari Turki!
    Good luck^^

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