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Mandarin translation of "Life is a journey, not a destination"?

It's for a tattoo, so needs to be accurate!

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    I commend you for asking first! I can't tell you how many silly tattoos in Chinese I have seen here on Americans, such as someone who had "上力" inked onto his forearm. I approached him and asked why he had chosen the characters for "above" and "power" (the combination of the two characters does not quite make sense). It turns out that he had wanted it to say "superior force," but apparently someone just took a dictionary and made up the expression in Chinese. In your case, there is no pithy translation, but "人生是一段旅程,而不是目標” is a perfectly grammatical translation of your English sentence. Nonetheless, for whatever reason, saying that "life is not a destination" in Chinese sounds funny in light of the Asian philosophy of living a purposeful and directed life, so even a correct translation sounds culturally odd to me.


    In China, Buddhism, Taoism has thousands of years of cultural history.So, people think that the excessive pursuit of goals is too much focus on results.At the same time, it is believed, the reasons for the results, and results have reason.So there is such a word, may be similar to you trying to say: focus on efforts, not too important results-因上努力,果则随缘.


    After thinking about it, I'd say 人生之路,在其路程,非其目的。

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