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Kein and nicht?


What is the difference in the two?

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    well, i think i can help here:
    "kein" means "no" in the sense of "not there", "not available",
    like in: "es gibt kein Bier mehr" "hier sind keine schönen Frauen"
    or a simple negation of something
    "nüchtern zu bleiben, ist keine gute Idee"
    "nicht" means "not" and is mostly used like in english.
    my current best guest would be that "kein" can be used only with nouns, while "nicht" can -defenitely- only be used with adjectives.
    "das Bier schmeckt nicht gut" "die Frauen sind nicht hübsch"
    i hope this helped - feel free to ask if you got any more questions

    @ king3rnie: Almost a perfect answer, on my opinion. But use of "nicht" is possible with verbs too, e.g. "Du darfst nicht einschlafen beim Autofahren." Or the sixth of The Ten Commandments: " Du sollst nicht töten."

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