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What does जाया mean?

हेडमिस्ट्रेस ने कहा था कि आइंदा घर के कपड़े पहन कर स्कूल आ जाया करें.

Thanks in advance.

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    here आ जाया is a complete word so it mean 'come'.

    it is form verb jaana. जाया करते थे - (plural m subject) used to go, like (we used to go). किया करते थे - used to do. गाया करते थे used to sing. लिखा करते थे - used to write.

    notice that the form of verbs looks like that of their 'past tense'. but for jaana, when usage is like this, it is not gayaa, we rathere say 'jaayaa'.

    i used to go - main jaya karta tha.
    he used to go- wah jaya karta tha.
    she used to go- wah jaya karti thi.

    'jaaya' always remain the same.

    other way of saying the same thing is 'aaya karein' or 'aayein'.

    the sentence here is order/advice.

    aa jaaya comes into picture as the verb is 'aa jaana'

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