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Ordering food at Korean restaurants?

What are some useful phrases?

Also, is this acceptable?

"돌솥비빔밥하고 떡볶이하고 주세요"

And how would you say "two drinks" or "two colas?"

Please give as many phrases as you can!

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    Yes, you are right. ~와(or 하고) ~주세요. will do.
    If you want a glass of water, you just say "물한잔 주세요" however, sometimes you have to sever by yourself. Drinking water is always free in Korea ( I had to pay in Paris) If you want some bears, you should ask '생맥주 ( )잔 주세요- (( ) pints of bear, please) or 맥주 ( ) 병 주세요 ( ) bottles of bear, please in English.
    Two coke would be '콜라 두잔 주세요' would be fine.

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