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How do you say "equivalent" in Chinese?

Like in the sentence: "What's the equivalent of giving a woman flowers for a man?"

Is it “相当于”, or is there another way of saying it?

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    Equivalent here is a noun, the basic meaning of it is “相等的东西,等价物,对应的东西”. When
    you put it in a sentence and try to translate the sentence, I think you rarely find the same words in the translation. Take the sentence you gave out as an example:对于女士,我们送鲜花,那么对于男士我们送什么呢?
    equivalent adj. 相等的,相当的,相同的,对应的

    Indeed, you can translate your original sentence with the expression you suggested. 給女人一束花(的意義),相當於(或、等於)給男人什麼呢?



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