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What's your approach to learning kanji?


I've been learning by Heisig's Remembering the Kanji book but I'd like to know what other methods worked for other people.
Thank you!

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    try this technique, it works for a lot;

    Find a Japanese song that you like and can sing to.
    Then, memorize the Romaji lyrics.
    Then, look up and save the Kanji lyrics.
    Once you have memorized the Romaji, read the Kanji lyrics along with the song (prior knowledge of Hiragana and Katakana is needed)
    This will help you memorize the sounds of the Kanji at least which can help you look up the meaning of the word and practice it. Take it slow and you will get it sooner or later.


    I reccommend the way to learn the histoy/origin or structure of Kanji. Then, you'll feel like enjoying learning Kanji :) And then, the most important is to write them over and over and practice. Keep it up!!

    I am learning Kanji starting from the words used most in daily conversation or writing. This video has a wonderful idea to start your Kanji learning with:

    And, since the Kanji stroke order is extremely important, I use this website to help me out with this:
    Hope that was helpful...^_^


    I studied for the JLPT using English/Japanese online flashcards here:
    Nois podemos falar em japones!que tal?
    We can talk in japanese if you want to!how about that?!I mean we can help to each other,maybe it's worthy

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