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Some french words

1)Are the following words out of date or not? And what words do you use then?


2) How do you exactly pronounce these words?
fenêtre [fnɛ:tʀ] or [fənɛ:tʀ]?
acheter [aʃte] or [aʃəte]?
appeler [aple] or [apəle]?

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    Salut! Je ne suis pas les francaise, mais je pense :

    camarade : it depends on the meaning. Parents would speak of "les camarades d'école de mon fils" (so pupils in the same class as their son). I think in some union and maybe in the communist party in France they still call the members camarade. In the meaning friend, we would use "ami" or "pote" very informal
    salle and dessinatrice are still used.
    malle probably less, or in expressions, e.g. "se faire la malle" = to leave. But we do not have "malle" anymore, more suitcases so "valises" is ok.
    As for the pronunciation, indeed, the second form is the formal correct form… in theory, but I guess except in formal presentations (or political speeches) we would use the second form as it's really easier to pronounce, especially for acheter and appeler.

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