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how to use 其实 in a sentence?

how should i use 其实 in a sentence? what does it really mean? In my book it says "其实 means that what one says is true", but i dont really understand this explanation.

Thanks for help! :)

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    it is used when you try to tell something true but others are not aware of it. in English it is equal to "but/while actually", "but/while the truth is" ,"but/while in fact", "but/while the fact is"

    for instance, 你们都误会他了,其实这钱不是他偷的。you all think he stole the money, but the fact is(其实) he is mistaken, he is not the stealer.

    1.他们都说那件青花瓷很珍贵,其实那是个赝品。 They all think that Qinghua ceramic is value,but in fact,it is fake. So,in somewhere,其实 equals “in fact.”
    2.就是说她其实并没有失踪? Meaning she wasn't actually missing? At there,其实 equals “actually.”
    3.其实,光是能的一种形式。 As a matter of fact, light is a form of energy. So,其实 is "as a matter of fact."


    其实你很美!Actually ,you are beautiful !


    其实 means "actually" in English. So when you say actually in English, you can say 其实 in Mandarin.

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