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What's differents of Demoiselle et Dame??

So far, i just know miss:mademoiselle and ma'am:madame..
then my friends told me that Demoiselle and Dame are same with mademoiselle and madame..
But, i want to ask the native speakers of french.. What's differents?

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    "dame" is the French word for "lady", so when you say "madame", you are actually saying "My Lady" which we actually used to say in English long ago. The famous church in Paris, "Notre Dame", means "Our Lady". So "la dame" is still useful. The "Ladies' Room" is sometimes marked "Dames".

    "demoiselle" is related to the outdated English "damsel" and is a very old word for "maiden, unmarried lady". So, "mademoiselle" is literally "my young unmarried lady" or just "miss". "Mademoiselle" is still in use, of course, but I don't think you'll have much need of "la demoiselle" in modern conversational French.

    Likewise, "Monsieur" is a contracted form of "My Lord". "Seigneur" is now just limited to religious contexts, I think.

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