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How would you interpret thi sentence?


I was disappearing. It was as if I stripped myself away in that darkened bedroom on a spring afternoon, and when I was finished there would be a pile of clothes neatly folded and I would be another number for the cable news shows. I could almost hear it. “Another casualty today,” they’d say, “vanished into thin air after arriving home.” Fine. I leaned down and finished unlacing the boot and strung the dog tag back around my neck and let it lie against the other. Left boot and left sock off. Pants off. Underwear off. I was gone. I opened the closet door and stood in front of the dressing mirror. My hands and face were tanned to rust. The rest of my body, pale and thinned, hung in the reflection as if of its own accord. I sighed and crawled beneath the cool sheets.

How would you interpret the last but one sentence: hung in the reflection as if of its own accord?

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Does it mean he looked like he hung himself in the mirror?

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    I think he is saying that, in the mirror, he looked like a ghost.

    His face and hands were tanned, but his body was pale white and thin. So he would have the appearance of a ghost.

    "hung as if of its own accord" means that it seemed to hang there without any real support, which you would also expect of a ghost.

    This fits with the first line where he talks about "disappearing" or fading away.

    BTW, if you want to use a nice big word "last but one" can also be called "second to last" or "penultimate". That's a fun word to use.

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