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How do you say? Two questions

I'm a native Japanese.
I'm a native Japanese speaker.

Which is more natural in English?

And another question is :

The person who is a native and American and speaks English.

He/She is a native English speaker of American.
He/She is a native American English speaker.

Native American means "native Indians", right?

Thank you for your cooperation.

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    Country is -Japan
    Nationality is - Japanese
    Language - Japanese
    You would say "I am a native Japanese speaker" or "I am a native speaker of Japanese"

    For the American example-
    "He is an American and he is a native English speaker"-you would want to distinguish between the nationality of the person and the spoken language because of the complication of the native people of America-the First Nation people. Similarly, i it were an Australian or New Zealand national
    "He is an Australian who is a native English speaker" or "She is a New Zealander who is a native English speaker"
    Hope that answers your question :)

    I am Japanese. = most natural.
    I am native to Japan. = less natural.
    I am a native Japanese speaker. = less natural.

    ~~~A: Where a you from?
    ~~~J: (I'm Japanese.) or (I'm from Japan.)
    ~~~A: So do you speak Japanese?
    ~~~J: Yes, fluently. (Japanese is my first language.) or (I am a native Japanese speaker)

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