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what time should be AA,with foreigner friends together?

In China,Boys and girls go out to eat ,if they have a good relationship , then most of time boys will pay.Of course, the girls will also take the initiative to pay, but the boys generally think that pay things is the men should do . Next time girls can invite the boys, makes money in return.However, together with foreign friends, I am a little confused.It is said that foreigners like AA, when he and I went out for dinner ,when pay the bill, should I pay myself own,or pay all?

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    Usually, when you go out with a couple of foreign friends, you're expected to "go dutch"(如果你跟一个外国人说:”我们AA制吧“,他就会听不懂。英文里相当于“AA制”的说法是“go dutch"). However, if the foreigner is familiar to Chinese culture, he will likely try to pay. Or if a foreigner ask you out on a date, then he definitely pay for it.

    The culture when it comes to paying for someone's dinner differs in China and western developed nations, so don't be surprised if you'll expected to pay for your own meal.

    What is AA ?

    In Russia boys almost always paid.
    Well I always pay.

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