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Boiled or boiling?

"Just cook it in (boiling OR boiled Or both are correct) water.

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    Just cook it in boiling water. (the water is still boiling when you cooked)
    Just cook it in boiled water. (the water has already been boiled, wether you cooked or not)

    Both are correct. To my understanding the latter, "boiled" water, means that you put what you want to cook in the water only after it has started boiling.

    As Faisal indicates, there both grammatically correct but have slightly different meanings. "Just cook it in boiling water." sounds more logical (like if these are directions for instant noodes or something); you put the noodles in water that has already come to a boil and is still boiling. Even if you take the water off the flame, it is still "boiling hot", letting instant noodles or tea do their thing. Boiled water could be cold and why would you tell someone to cook in cold boiled water if your just going to boil it again?
    That said, you might be encouraged in certain parts of the world to drink boiled water for health and safety reasons, but I would not advise you to drink boiling water. :)


    The correct version is
    "Just cook it in boiling water", in order to cook the item the water must be boiling at all times, it would not cook if the water is "boiled" as it would have completed the boil as it were.

    If I use the example of an egg
    "I am boiling an egg to eat later" it is an ongoing cooking action but "I boiled an egg" the cooking action is complete, the egg is ready to eat as it is "boiled".

    Hope that helps :)

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