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Which one is correct and Why ?

"I don't like the idea of telling ..."
A. truth to everybody
B. the truth to everybody
C. to everybody the truth
D. everybody a truth
Thank you all.

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    It's B. "I don't like the idea of telling the truth to everybody."

    You can put "everybody" (the indirect object, ie. to whom) between "telling" (the verb, in gerund form) and "the truth" (the direct object, ie. tell 'what'), and use this form:

    "I don't like the idea of telling everybody the truth." Notice that the "to" is dropped in this word-order.

    You can see the same pattern like so:

    Please write a letter to me. Please write me a letter.
    I bought lunch for him. I bought him lunch.
    I'll show the answers to my teacher. I'll show my teacher the answers.

    In the case of "tell", you need both a direct object (the information) and an indirect object (the listener). It's normally in the form "tell (somebody) (something)", but "tell (something) to (somebody)" is also perfectly correct.

    I think you could say all of them and they would be grammatically correct, although there might be a slight shift of meaning with some of them. "telling truth" is just a the general case. It refers to any truth at any time. "a truth" means a single but non-specific truth. "the truth" could also mean the same as "a truth", but can also mean a specific truth of a situation previously mentioned.

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