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"I wish you'd stop lecturing me."


Does that sentence mean it's very unlikely that 'you' will stop lecturing 'me'?

How about "I hope you will stop lecturing me"?

Additional Details:

I asked that question because a dictionary says:

Use wish to talk about things that are not true, not possible, or very unlikely : I wish I knew more about science. |She wished she hadn't said anything. |I wish I could win the lottery.
Use hope to talk about things that could happen, could have happened, or could be true : I hope you have a happy birthday. | I hope they got there in time.

Additional Details:

The dictionary also says:
!! Do not use wish + (that) to say that you want something to happen in the future. Use hope : I hope (NOT wish) that we'll all meet again soon. |I hope you have a great time.

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    Well, it is just a more polite and less confrontational way of saying "Stop lectruing me."

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