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Do you want to learn Chinese from the very beginning just like children at primary school?

For learning: Chinese (Mandarin)
Base language: English
Category: Language


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    Since you can not insert it in our brain...sure ;-)

    yes please...i want to learn it from zero :) the time a little child has entered primary school - they can already speak, so you're starting too late (呵呵呵呵).

    By the time they're 1 year old, they can recognize the four tones without trying since they've heard it thousands of times, even if they can't express it.

    By the time I was 1 year old, I knew two important but sinister words.... "my" and "me".


    I understand that your question is a rhetorical one, but I can say a big yes! -- A long time ago I watched a few programs showing how Chinese kids learn, and I suddenly understood a whole lot at once.

    Do you have something in mind to teach me?


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