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What means this sentence: "Вы машете красной тряпкой" ?

And this one here "С плеча не рубите". I was at the translation site moving and posting some translations I've found, trying to organize things a little bit. Then, someone came and said to me it. I tried to search for the meaning, but I couldn't find a good definition. But it looks something not "nice" to say. Can you guys help me?

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    "Вы машете красной тряпкой" means you provoke somebody, make him angry. It came from the Corrida, when the toreador waves with red fabric in front of the bull's nose.

    'Не рубить с плеча' означает ' не принимать быстрых необдуманных решений'/не решать или говорить сразу,подумать' . It does't have negative meaning, it depends on context )))

    Рубить сплеча = to shoot from the hip, to go off at halfcock.

    It's an idiom and here the preposition "с" and the noun in genitive case "плеча" are written as one solid word. The initial phrase was "Рубить с плеча" or "Рубить от плеча", i.e. "to saber with all one's might", "to fully swing one's arm and to cutlass an enemy in action".

    Вы машете красной тряпкой = you are creating a dangerous situation
    С плеча не рубите = don't be quick to do smth

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