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Does Taikutsushiteru mean"Bored" in japanese?

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    Yes, it does! :) Watashi ha(wa) ima taikutsushiteimasu means "I'm bored now."

    Yup, however つまらない or the more colloquial version つまない are more common to say for present tense I've found. I've also heard 退屈 used more as a Na-adjective more than a する-noun.

    that is great ,learn together

    mason and Brian are correct.
    Taikutsu shiteiru = be bored (present tense)
    I'm bored. = watashi ha taikutsu shiteimasu.(taikutsu desu.)
    I was bored. = watashi ha taikutsu datta. (past tense)

    --- be boring = ---ga tsumaranai.
    Ex. The movie was boring. = sono eiga ha tsumarana katta.

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