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What is the difference between 합격, 통과, 지나가,넘겨,전달?

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    ok Peterchoi ... let's see if i get this right for once LOL ???!!! 합격 a lot of people use it for like when you pass an exam or test it also means to get through something or situation , 통과 means to pass through for example 시내를 통과하다 pass through the inner city/downtown. 전달 means to deliver sth, it is also used for your cellphone when you forward message 전달 is also how you say " forward" like in text message. 지나가 can be used in many situations it can mean pass by like in 거리를 지나가다 pass by a street, it also can used to situations relating to time for example 봄 방학이 너무 빨리 지나가 버렸어요 means spring break went by fast. 넘기다 has several meanings, it means to pass over, to turn over, hand over, and to be past/exceed, for example 책(장)을 넘기다 means to skim through a book/pages, 페이지를 넘기다 means turn pages 위기를 넘기다 means get through a crisis, 배턴을 넘기다 means hand over the baton, 자정을 넘기다 means it's pass midnight LOL

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