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Do you know any good books for learning Mandarin ? (for beginner)

For learning: Chinese (Mandarin)
Base language: English
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    First of all, do not take advice from Chinese people who themselves learned Chinese just by growing up. In general, when adult, learning a language like a child does will not be as effective as learning a language with a book or software that is designed for adults. In my opinion softwares like Rosetta Stone, which have that learn-just-like-a-child approach to language learning, are not effective (although it can be useful as a supplementary source).

    In the beginning you should really strive for making learning fun, therefore, instead of recommending a book I'll recommend a podcast;, fun and interesting learning from the get go. And that's how I started studying Chinese; it ignited a spark in my now deep interest in the Chinese language, hopefully it will do that to you too.

    If you are talking about Hanzi .... than good book is Tutle Lerning Chinese Characters /volume one/ by Alison Matthews


    You have to learn "拼音"(pin yin) and the four tone in Mandarin first. Thats how Chinese kids start learning Mandarin and the most efficient way to learn Mandarin. So I recommend the series of books named "A Key to Chinese Speech and Writing" 汉语语言文学启蒙. Its published by 华语教学出版社. Besides, there are many vivid pictures in these books. I hope it can help you learn Mandarin. ^0^

    any books helping children to learn Chinese will do.

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