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what is the difference between 철없는, 어린아이, 미숙한, 유치?

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    it's funny cuz the word 철없는 and 어린아이 can actually be combined together to make 철없는 어린아이, 철없는 means childish, immature 어린아이 means young kid, so together " immature young child/kid" you can also say 철없는 남자 immature man and 철없는사람 immature people. 미숙한 means unskilled, inexperienced for example 운전미숙으로 is inexperienced driver with no experience, and 나는 운전자가 운전미숙으로 사고를 냈다고 생각해 i think since i'm inexperienced driver, i caused an accident. 유치 also means immature alike 유치한 사람 immature person, 유치한 생각 immature idea 유치한 유머 immature humor, 유치한 개그 immature joke

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