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How do you say I love You in your language?

Hi Guys... How do you say I love You in your language? I want to know different language for I love You. Thanks.

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    japanese ; aisiteru* daisku...*

    bangladesh ; ami tomake valobashi*

    Lithuanian+ As tave myliu


    我爱你 wo ai ni

    Czech: láska
    Danish: kærlighed
    Dutch: liefde
    Estonian: armastus
    Finnish: rakkaus
    French: amour
    German: Liebe
    Greek: αγάπη
    Hungarian: szeretet
    Icelandic: ást
    Indonesian: sayang
    Italian: amore
    Latvian: mīlestība
    Lithuanian: meilė
    Norwegian: kjærlighet
    Polish: zamiłowanie
    Portuguese: amor
    Romanian: dragoste
    Russian: любовь
    Slovak: láska
    Slovenian: ljubezen
    Spanish: amor
    Swedish: kärlek
    Turkish: aşk

    You can try here:

    or here:

    Bring the ipecac.

    I hate you!

    あいしてる !


    Japanese-愛してる (ai shiteru)

    Turkish-Seni seviyorum/seni aşığım. (first one for friends, second one for lovers)

    Kaiyumian-Sa uğo ai'da. (lovers) Sa uğo suki'da (friends) Sa uğo moro'ida (family)

    Italian-Te amo.

    Latin-Te amo

    Russian-Я люблю тебя (Yah lyoo-blyoo teh-byah)

    in indonesia, we say "Aku mencintai kamu".

    Spanish: Te amo


    Portuguese: Eu te amo.

    Ich liebe dich german
    Te amo español
    Ti amo italian
    Eu te amo portuguese
    wo ai ni 我爱你 chinese
    Mi amas vin esperanto
    Je t'aime -french
    Main tumse pyar karta hun hindi

    Te Amo in spanish

    indonesian: aku cinta kamu

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