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How would you explain “pull-tab book" here?


When we neared the orchard a flock of birds lit from its outer rows. They hadn’t been there long. The branches shook with their absent weight and the birds circled above in the ruddy mackerel sky, where they made an artless semaphore. I was afraid. I smelled copper and cheap wine. The sun was up, but a half-moon hung low on the opposite horizon, cutting through the morning sky like a figure from a child’s pull-tab book.

How would you explain “pull-tab book" in the last sentence? Does it mean a picture book?
Another question: Does the "figure" mean "number" in the same sentence?

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    A pull tab book is a picture book where you pull a tab and something on the page changes. Usually a character moves from left to right, or an object appears and disappears when the tab is pulled.

    The context of figure means - person or character from the story.

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