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what does bracing mean in this context?

It came from the movie 'freaky friday'
Let me show you the lines.
Anna: I know your life is perfect. Your perfect job, perfect patients who worship the ground you walk on.
Mom: Honey, you need a serious and bracing reality check if you think my life is perfect.
In the last line, what does bracing mean?

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    I haven't heard that phrase before, but if you were to 'brace yourself' you would be preparing for something difficult or unpleasant to happen.


    It means "energetic". It's almost physical, as if "Mom" wanted to grab Anna by the shoulders and shake the reality into her body, like, "Wake up, Anna. This is my reality. It's not perfect at all."

    It is a common usage.
    Bracing = fresh, envigourating.
    In this case maybe she means her mother would get a shock/surprise.

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