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what are difference between 准备& 打算 please? both of them meaning " to plan"

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    i think ,the difference is ,准备means getting ready and going to do,if you say 准备 doing something ,that means you will have the action,and you will do. and 打算just means you just think about to do something, but maybe will not to do ,that just is an idea,a a word, 准备,you must to do ,and 打算,you will do ,or not ,that's all right.
    hope this will help you,will not make you puzzled~


    准备:prepare, intend, plan, arrange, fix, be ready
    打算:contemplate, figure on, intend, plan, propose, set out, think


    准备 means 'be going to do '

    打算. means 'plan to do '


    准备 means "prepare for ..."
    打算 means "plan to..."

    "Are you ready?" means 你准备好了吗? In this sentence, you only can use 准备.

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