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what are difference between话 &词 please? both of them meaning " Word"

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    字:word。中is a word。文,is a word too。but,中is not 中文,文 is not 中文。
    词:word。中文 is a word。汉语 is a word。
    话:saying,speech,words。我会说汉语。——this is 话。

    话,it usually means a sentence or lots of words . 词,it means a word
    example: 你说的话我听不懂 这个词语什么意思

    字:character e.g: 我 喜 欢 吃 面 包
    词:word e.g: 喜欢 面包
    句子:phrase e.g: 我喜欢吃面包。
    话:when you talk with someone, what you are saying is 话
    e.g:“你好,我是中国人” “我喜欢吃面包” “你们在做什么?” “我们去动物园吧”


    话= sentence 词= word

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