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what does "summoned" mean? I am little confused .how to close that gate? is the gate here "door"?

Still, a parade was a parade. Fifteen minutes before noon the men used both of the buildings antiquated elevators to go down to the street level. As they passed the fifth floor, Charles Givens, a thirty-eight-year-old former Navy steward and senior Book Depository employee, saw Lee Oswald standing by the gate on the fifth floor, watching them go. Their departure left the top stories unoccupied. In effect, the upper part of the warehouse had now met the Secret Service's definition of the classic sniper's perch—it was a deserted building.

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I think "summon" means "close" in this context, am I right?

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    Summoned means "requested" in this paragraph. Page 133.

    This was a warehouse and the elevators were old elevators built to carry freight ( large boxes of books in this warehouse). Freight elevators often have manual doors or gates instead of the automatic elevator doors you see in normal office or apartment buildings. The elevator in this warehouse would not work unless that gate (door) was manually pull down and closed.

    The is what those two sentences could say: "When you get downstairs, close the gate to the elevator." He meant the west elevator, which would only operate, when requested from above, if the gate was pulled down.

    Summoned means to be called, or required to do or attend something.

    I was summoned to appear in court for example.

    summoned means " to be called " this word just use for court.

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