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Do you know any good Russian music that will help me learn Russian?

I am very interested in finding more Russian music to help me with my language. I would be thankful for any suggestions!

For learning: Russian
Base language: English
Category: Culture



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    If you want to improve Russian, you need to listen songs with the singers which have a good pronounsation.
    The best way is to listen to the old school singers (from the USSR). For example, the band "Браво" (with Валерий Сюткин).


    Ноль, Виктор Цой, Владимир Высоцкий, Зоя Ященко/Белая Гвардия are examples of good Russian music. It depends... what kind of music do you like, Jessica?

    I was listening to these songs (Ты больше не моя)

    I hope it like to you

    Try to listen this music, I think this song is understandable and there is subtitels there=)

    Виктор Цой, Владимир Высоцкий, ДДТ, Чайф, Сплин, Анимация, Земфира, Ночные снайперы))

    Well, you can listen to Russian songs and try to understand the lyrics, or use the subtitles, but it is a thing to do when you have some intermediate or even upper intermediate level. If you already have some knowledge of the Russian language, then sure you can start listening, otherwise I would recommend just a few easy-easy songs to start with.


  крылатые качели. песня из детства

    I like Trofim

    I like Ivan dorn. I help you with Russian

    i'm not sure you can use modern russian songs for learning. it's mostly untranslatable bullshit 8)
    try songs from old USSR cartoons, they are nice and catchy.

    Да есть много интересной, легкой музыки)

    I would recommend the bands like Тараканы, Ария (they have songs with great and philosophical lyrics), Король и Шут (kinda like Russian Grimm's Fairy Tales) and of course Виктор Цой (группа Кино), who has already been suggested by a lot of people here.

    Feel free to ask any questions, would be glad to help :)

    I think you need listen to good old russian music.I mean music with good clear words, not slang. I recomend Alla Pugacheva, Nadezda Babkina, band Bravo. This singers has a good text. But its my opinion

    I think music is not good for learning languages

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