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دوستان ١٣ به در چيست؟

For learning: Persian (Farsi)
Base language: Persian (Farsi)
Category: Culture


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    adade 13 dar bavare kheili az mardome donya adade khobi nist, va beh ghole ma nahs hast, ( bad luck , misfortune). ma iranian ham bavar darim keh in shomarh nahs hast.Iranian ghadim baraye inkeh beh navi in badi va nahsi ra az zendegi khodeshan dor konand 13 farvardin ra dar kharej az khaneh beh sar mibordan,in rasm marbot beh ghabl az Islam hast, vali mardom ma hanooz ham an ra beh ja miyaran, harchand keh diger am bavar ghadimi ziad mohkam nist.

    سیزده بدر روز سیزدهم فروردین(اولین ماه از فصل بهار) است مردم در این روز به بیرون از خونه ها شون و به دامان طبیعت میرن(یه جورایی مثه پکنیک خودتون ولی تو روزایه اول بهار مخصوص روز 13م بهار

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    that one of the costume in iran , a first day of spring is the first day of new year in iran and some other country , we call it NOOROZ, we have a lot of cousume before and after NOOROZ, like charshanme sori ,........... , we celebrate 13 dayes of first month of new year , and the 13 dayes is aspechial day it is populer as nutre day we get to ghether and never stay at home we should go to nture ,we spend our day out of house .

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