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Use of "that" before I

I noticed that in english normally is not used "that" before I.
Like in: "It Is the best I do". Instead of "Is the best that I do". In Portuguese we always use the corresponding word to "that", in this case. Then, sometime is used "that" before I? Thanks a lot.

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    This is a great observation. Let me explain more about this. In English there are two kinds of relative clauses:
    1. Subject relative clauses: A doctor is a person WHO/THAT HELPS SICK PEOPLE.
    I'm looking for an apartment THAT/WHICH HAS TWO BEDROOMS.

    2. Object relative clauses: Tom is the person WHO/THAT YOU MET LAST WEEK.
    That isn't the kind of film THAT/WHICH I LIKE.

    You can probably notice the difference between subject and object relative clauses. In subject relative clauses, the noun before who/which/that/who does the action ... the doctor helps sick people, the apartment has two bedrooms, etc. In object relative clauses, the noun before who/which/that/who receives the action ... you met the person, I like the film.

    In an OBJECT relative clause, you do not need to use a relative pronoun (who/which/that/who). You can use it or you can not use it; it's optional.
    Tom is the person you met last week.
    That isn't the kind of film I like.

    So you are correct that people omit 'that' before I; but remember that it can also be omitted in any object relative clause. Also please remember that a relative pronoun is mandatory (not optional) in subject relative clauses.

    No estoy 100% seguro, pero he leido que "that" puede ser omitida cuando despues de ella hay un pronombre personal.

    Im not sure 100%, but I have read that "that" may be omitted when after there is a personal pronoun
    you can write
    It Is the best I do
    It Is the best that I do
    both are correct

    I hope to explain me

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