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O que significa "Na verdade, nao vejo a hora de chegar o momento da aula" em inglês?
Obrigada pessoal!

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    Blitzy's and Paulo's are the best answers so far.
    I'd just add that it can also be "The truth is that I can barely wait for my class to begin"

    Na verdade → the truth is
    não vejo a hora → I can't wait/ I can barely wait
    de chegar o momento da aula → this would literally be "for the moment of the class", but it makes no sense in English, so "for class to begin" is a suitable translation

    Espero ter ajudado :)

    The truth is that I can't wait to go to school .... more like...

    "não vejo a hora de chegar" it means that i'm anxious for something!

    Actually, i don't see the time to arrive the moment of the class.....i dont know if this sentence make sense in english lol.. my english is intermediate..... but i think the best sentence is... Actually, i'm looking forward to having class....something like this....valeu a tentativa ...Abraços

    "Actually I can barely wait to begin my class"
    Acho que é isso =)

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