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Does these prepositions in this place make sense?

Hi everyone,

Sometimes I'm really not sure about what is right preposition to use, I know it depends on conditions, but it just seems like there are more than one option. The following is one of questions I'm encountering:

The greatest cause of both the deflation and economic weakness of the past two decades is a lack of private sector borrowers.

I'm thinking what about 'economic weakness during the past two decades' and 'economic weakness within the past two decades' instead of 'of.'
These prepositions look like making sense for me, please help me check them out.

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    "economic weakness of the last two decades" is grammatically correct, but means that the decade was weak!
    "economic weakness during the last two decades" is correct, and refers to the economy being weak during that time period - which I think is what you mean.

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