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---Umberto Eco--- Which book do you recommend?


This is a question for Italian speakers who have actually read any of his books. Which book do you recommend? I'm thinking of reading one in my native language. Please let me know your opinion!

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Thank you Giada & Elisabetta for your comments!
Now I'd like to hear opinions from people who finished any of his books (preferably several) and have recommendations for one or the other.

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    If you want read Umberto Eco's books,you can read IL NOME DELLA ROSA .It is very important because it mixes a lot of literary genres .Or you can also read IL CIMITERO DI PRAGA (the latest he wrote),IL PENDOLO DI FOUCAULT ,L'ISOLA DEL GIORNO PRIMA.He wrote also "Baudolino" and "La misteriosa fiamma della regina Loana",but I didn't read them. :)

    Il Nome della Rosa, it's great!

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