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Is it hard to learn Deutsche?

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    It depends. If you like the language, then it's a pleasure. But if not, then it requires more effort and time. German is very logical, there are rules for everything, so I would say it's not really hard to learn German.

    I agree with Kala. It depends.
    Of course - for me as German natural speaker - I can't estimate, how hard it's to learn the German language. But I can imagine, that foreign learners can have a lot of fun and satisfaction with learning the German language. There is a lot of literature. And how good the learner can speak German, is the result of talent and efforts of the learner alone. The ability for speaking German will persist limited with low effort. And eager lerners can improve alltimes, without reaching the top (German natural speakers by the way too).
    For saying this with Oscar Wilde: "Life is too short to learn German”

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