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すべてのいみは”Let's Go”でしょう。^_^


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    You're right. All are the same meaning.
    You have to be careful to use them to whom.
    「行きましょう」is the most polite phrase of them.
    You can use this to elder people. Or I would say "行きませんか?"
    This gives the suggestion to the person.
    I guess, it's same as "Shall we go---?"

    「行くぞ」is a male phrase.
    If you use this to your girlfriend, she feels you're masculine.
    It's a bit strong word to offer someone to go with me.

    「行こう」is a casual phrase and used to your close friends.
    I guess, it's same as "Let's go" to your friends.

    Sorry for my poor English. If you don't understand well, please let me know.
    Thank you.

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