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What is the meaning of 're' Where can i use it?

What is meant by re? Where can i use it
And also where i want to use 'se'
and what is the difference between ki,ka,ko,ke

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    're' is a sambodhan (like we say 'hey'), not so polite. Better u learn by listening its usage by natives.


    these show possesion.

    aap KA/KE/KI - your

    kaviya ka/ke/ki - kaviya's or of kaviya

    ghar ka/ke/ki - home's or of home

    use of ka ke or ki is decided by the gender of the thing which is under posession or belongs to the subject.

    e.g. book is feminine

    so we say

    aap KI book. (your book)

    kaviya KI book. (kaviya's book)

    'ke' is a bit complicated

    used when belonging(s) is(are) plural.
    aapke paise.

    similar rule u can apply on RA/RE/RI KA/KE/KI resp

    meRA ghar (my home)
    MeRI book (my book)

    friend if male
    meRA friend

    female friend
    meRI friend

    mere friends (my friends)

    usage of 'ko' is a large answer

    in shortest way i can write it:

    this word used in Accusative/objective and dative cases. look up them i guess u can relate it with ur native language.

    Its not very polite. Teenagers use this a lot, but it is frowned upon. Not professional and you wouldn't want to say it to your parents or anything like that. VERY informal!

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