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Where to use 제가??


Can someone please give me an explanation about usage of this form " 제가 " ??

It somehow confuses me where to use this form? In which types of sentences I should use this?

Thanks in advance :)

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    제가 can be regarded as the nominative case of 저...I think it can be rendered as"I am.."
    제가 is used when you meet someone who's older than you are...or that person you meet is your boss or somebody has higher "position"
    ---(선생님 ) 네가 이 책을 읽었어요?
    ---(학생) 예, 제가 책을 읽었습니다

    제가 = I. Sometimes it is used as I'm. But in the most cases, it's I or I + do, did, etc.

    제가 그랬습니다. = I did.
    제가 하겠습니다. = I will do it.
    제가 틀렸나요? = Am I wrong?

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