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Hey can anyone tell me what 扑街 means

This crazy old lady I know told me it was Cantonese slang.

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I suppose I should have put this under Chinese(Cantonese)--ah well.

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    lol, actually it is a Cantonese dialect, well it is not a good expression, and it is usually used to express that you hate someone awfully then you can say to him that 你去扑街了!which means that go to the hell, go to die, shit~~~~~~~~ And this express ususally be pronounced as "poor guy" in Cantonese dialect.

    It means SH*T

    That's easy to be translated.
    扑街 is equal to knocked out, whose short form is KO.
    No matter it is a kind of dialect, 扑街 has the only meaning in stantard Chinese.

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