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How must I answer on "Jak masz na imię?"?

How must I answer on "Jak masz na imię?"
"Nazywam się..." or "Mam na imię..."

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or "Jestem..."

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    IMHO you should answer "Jestem Anne" lub "Mam na imię Anne". 'Nazywam się' is related to "nazwisko" - surname and should only be used with your surname or both with the surname and first name.
    And I also think that the most natural way of responding to such a question is just giving your first name:
    - Jak masz na imię?
    - Anne.


    To be honest it doesn't matter because all forms You put in here are correct:)
    If somoeone asked "Jak masz na imię?" (What's Your name?), You can answer:
    1. Jestem Anne.
    2. Nazywam się Anne.
    3. Mam na imię Anne (numbers 2 and 3 mean the same thing, the only difference is that when You're using number 2 You can also tell what's Your surname).

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