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I'm really getting ahead do speak English fluently but my huge problem is starting speaking it's make me so confuse and i cant focus anymore at the meantime so what's the way to resolve this problem .

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    I have the same problem. I guess the best thing is to realize that most people are sympathetic that you are not speaking your native language, so they are forgiving even if you make mistakes. (And if they are not, you don't want to be talking to them anyway!) In the beginning, it is not as important to be 100% correct as to be understood. Also, it might help to find someone you're really comfortable with and practise with him or her first until you feel confident enough to talk to strangers. Good luck, bonne continuation et bon courage !

    Good question! I panic too when I want to speak in another language.

    I think one answer is to talk about something you enjoy, so you focus on that and forget to panic.

    Good luck!

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