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What does 'Je suis vraiment gavé'? Well I think that is what I heard. I definitely heard the word 'gavé' and I think it was being used in a kind of familiar or colloquial way.
Thank you for your help.


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    I actually answered that question a couple of days ago and realise now that "gaver" does have a lot of meanings !
    Je suis gavé = j'en ai marre, çà me saoule (slang for "to be fed up with")
    Y a gavé de = il y a beaucoup de ...
    I would say it's slang from the south, more common in the south than the north but i cannot be 100% sure as I don't live in France anymore!

    I think it means you've had enough to eat. Or you're stuffed.


    Yes, it is a colloquial way to say you're REALLY fed up with something = "J'en ai vraiment marre !". It is a bit stronger than "J'en ai marre".
    It's got nothing to do with food in this use, though the first meaning of the verb "gaver" is to force-feed (animals).
    I would not say it's more frequent in the South of France. It's difficult to say...
    Bon courage !


    Although it's not common expression here in French Canada, I agree with elohello that "je suis gavé" means "I'm fed up". You need the "se gaver" form for it to be food-related (je ME suis vraiment gavé).

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